I.Grünfelt. Kooselu hapu tõega.

Virumaa Teataja. 16.02.2016

What thoughts may come when you hear that two artists have together opened three exhibitions, called "Living Together", "Truth is Acidic" and "Two Worlds"? 


The truth is simple: The exhibitions that have taken over the houses of Rakvere Theatre present the colourful, thoughtful and humorous aspects of the works of a artist.


Per William Petersen's humorous geometrical paintings and sculptures create a world rich in symbols. In the small theatre house, the man who moved from Denmark to Tartu presents himself to the public with peppery aphorisms on daily life, molded into word and picture. 


"Magnificent show! The objects bring excitement and spacial subdivision to our house," the triple exhibition was praised by head artist of Rakvere Theatre, Eveli Varik. There is something for everyone here, even for the art ignoramus." 


Per William Petersen's series "Living Together" consists of paintings inspired by geometrical shapes, and of dynamic sculptures. "Paintings recount the lives and mutual relations of two people. There is something good, something bad; we have to find it," he said. 


 "There is always a moment of innovation in an artist's creation, you don't want to repeat what already exists, you want to put something together in an incorrect or distorted manner, thus creating an interesting combination for yourself, too". 


For serious subjects, Per William Petersen has chosen a humorous form and left room for interpretation. The idea that circled in his mind while creating a piece is not in any way binding for the viewer in the opinion of the artist. Rather, it pleases him that everyone should find their own solution. "When people see something completely different, it is fun," he assured. 


Per William Petersen has a free and playful approach to his works, with a small chuckle hidden in nearly every piece. For instance, he casually turned his painting "A Happy Landing" sideways, considering this to be the most suitable position for it in the selected location. A boyish slyness flickers over the artist when telling this. 


Per William Petersen really does not like to explain his works, but he is willing to share a few hints. "Machine for Returning" and "Machine for Non-returning" discuss movement. "Important Man Always Finishes Green" opens a dialogue with the pedestal that complements the play "Statue". "Mister A. Dult" talks about someone who always wants to be somewhere else, because it appears to be better there. "For this, they are willing to leave everything behind. It is a big decision," Per William Petersen said. 


The story of a man listening with his ear, thinking, and then coming up with new ideas, has been depicted in the sculpture "Luther's Ear". "When thoughts go round in the mind, many things happen," said Per William Petersen. 


The piece above the door of the theatre hall, which reminds one of elk horns, has been inspired by a digging scoop. "It's a metaphor: people should consume less and want less, leave something for the others as well,".


At the skiing yellow chick you should first let your imagination fly. Afterwards you may want to know that this piece depicts the bank, digging money out of people. 


In the small theatre house you are welcomed by a cat - a colourful interpretation of the Behemoth of "The Master and Margarita" - , a blue elephant balancing on its trunk.


In front of the theatre hall, the gray shades of the walls give center stage to Per William Petersen's aphorisms and their pictorial images. The fact that "Truth is Acidic", but funny, too, becomes clear in Estonian, English, Danish and "Artish". 


"I gaze at the world," Per William Petersen commented on his 80 thought-provoking idea flashes.


1 place in  design competition for  

State Real Estate Ltd and the Estonian Ministry of Culture Tallinn University



"Elements Poetry" International Sculpture Exhibition. 25 May -1 October 2013. Ølgod, Denmark.

Newspaper and TV 


(7 min. 20. sek. in)


“When The Trunk Is Getting Too Long” and

“The No String Violin”

(See them in Gallery Objects)

Kuressaare In Art And Legends


Book made of Kuressaare Town Council


Page 150-151:

Kuressaare Queen (Urve Kirss)

2009 Oil on canvas 100X180 cm

Tartu kunstnikke - sürrealiste


Surrealistic Artists in Tartu


A rational man. For this he has been awarded the joy of experiencing the new and then the new again. As if moving from one energetic space to another and back again.


Because he is a designer, there is reason to talk about things. Danish critics, too, have brought this out. The artist's objective is reality, i.e. the recreation of the lost reality that has become invisible. When we have seen an object for a while, we cease to experience it. In Petersen's visions life restores its spectacularity. This is where the surprises begin.


Per William Petersen is a Dane who refreshens the Tartu art scene with the logic of North-Germanic thought. Although a successful designer, the artist chose to dedicate himself to painting. Here he found support for his passion for painting. His pictures reveal the colour interest of the Tartu painting school in a personal, neo-practical manner that seeks supreme realism. The artist paints flat-surfaced objects, which in many cases could also be presented in multidimensional format. We are invited to a technicist intellectual wonderland which can create an association with ulenspiegelesque folk art. This 15th-century peasanty trickster was humorous, but often rather ironic and grotesque, also harsh. We may want to ask if this could be an imitation of the naive straightforwardness of the peasant culture? Are mathematical dwarfs to be expected? We already have The Chick (oil, 2010). The artist thinks rationally, but the worlds he leads us to are irrational. 


Leili Parhomenko, art historic



3 paintings on exhibition: 

Man, Woman and Electricity. XVIII international nude art show. 

The Museum Of New Art in Pärnu. 05.05.- 09.09.2011

Here from ETV, Estonian TV

Man, woman, and the electricity around them.


Marian Kivila, art critic:


The international nude exhibition "Man and Woman", curated by Mark Soosaar, celebrates its 18th anniversary this year with the subtitle"Electricity".


The exhibition is open until 11 September 2011.


.../ Brighter gems


Although the concept of this exhibition as a whole is not among the most convincing, there are several works which shine, transcending the naked body and the allusions to electricity violently adhered thereto./

.../The topic of gender roles has been tackled by the Danish artist

William Petersen, whose cubist paintings play with mixing the feminine and the masculine. The woman with the king's crown and shovel and the breasted military leader clearly address the issues of power in the patriarchal world./

Personal exhibition The Truth Is Elastic.

Gallery Fuajee, Loomemajanduskeskus, Tartu, Estonia

14.02.- 28.03.2011



Krista Piirimäe. Per William Peterseni inimesekäsitlus. 

Kultuurileht Sirp. 25.03.2011   



Per William Petersen's approach to people.


Per William Petersen's exhibition "Truth is Stretchy" 

in Tartu Centre of Creative Industries until 28 March.


Per William Petersen studied art in The Danish Design School. He

earned his first diploma as silversmith, the second as graphic artist

(1985). In 2006 he came to live in Tartu and immediately actively

incorporated himself into Estonian art life. In his ninth local

personal exhibition "Truth is Stretchy", displayed now in Tartu Centre

of Creative Industries (at Kalevi 13), the thematically and

stylistically diverse author has chosen to showcase his portraits and

figure paintings. Although the works hang in the entrance hall and the

cafeteria, they seem to encompass the entire building, imposing their

energy also on the small gallery, which presently hosts the exhibition

of Marin Ploomipuu.


Per William Petersen has cleverly exploited the peculiarity of the

rooms. The display in the cafe comprises portraits that were made on

the 2003 trip to Portugal, featuring different races, types and

characters. The point of this selection was to expand the

multicultural grasp of the cafe, the owner being American, his chef

wife Romanian, and the trainee German. Sitting on a cozy couch, one is

surrounded by the monumentality and power of the southern faces from

all four sides. The peculiar and exciting countenances of those

portrayed have been further underlined by the artist's powerful

graphic line, complemented by the decoration and tranquil rhythm of

the whole composition. The effect of the line is in turn supported by

the mainly red-blue colouring. The author has mixed the oil colour

with crushed seashells, roughening the paint surface and thus making

the portraits even more earthy and archetypal.


The portraits and figure paintings from the Estonian period

demonstrate the artist's searching spirit and diverse approach to the

model, so that each work of art forms a world of its own, and placing

them sparsely along the hall is vital. The treatment mode has become

more nuanced, now foregrounding the individuality of the model, now

the social role and relations. The author has employed various

attributes, elements of syrrealism and pop. Among the pillars of the

artist's creation lies the strong realist painting school with good

drawing skills, perfectly represented in the syrrealist-ironic "Paris

Steam". The Tartu art scene has been enriched by an interesting

portrait artist./


Krista Piirimäe , Art Historic

Tartu Annual Exhibition 16. Dec. -16. Jan. 2011

Curator: Prof. Leonhard Lapin


Aastalõpunäituse kujundus põhineb värvidemängul.

Tartu Postimees, 08.01.2011



/... The brightest colours at the exhibition shine from the paintings of

Ago Teedema, but it is the new Tartu citizen Per William Petersen

whose vigorous picasso-esque solution of form has made him the most

impressive painter of the year. / Tartu Postimees, 08.01.2011


Krista Piirimäe, Art Historic


Overview to the exhibition in Tartu Art Hall

20. august 2010 kell 14.00 Paide Kultuurikeskuses näituse 


Arvo Pärdi heliloomingust inspireeritud maalid, graafika ja joonistused

Estonian National TV

Confrontations. Annual Exhibition Of Estonian Artists Association 2010 

(curator Enn Põldroos) Tallinn Art Hall 19. June - 25. July 2010

Küsimused ongi vastus. 

KultuuriKeskus, Tallinn (Culture Magazin), April page 7

Personal exhibition Questions are the answer. Narva Art Gallery, Estonia

The ACA / AAC [Action for Artistic Creativity / Action pour la créativité Artistique] Mauritius is holding an International Portraits Exhibition in November 2009 at IBL Gallery, Port-Louis, Mauritius. The exhibition shall host about 25 foreign artists’ artworks and 25 local renowned Mauritian artists.
Portrait Exhibition in Mauritius 2009
The main objective of the exhibition is to unite artists from the different corners of the world together in oneness in Mauritius which is considered as a world in miniature. The purpose of the exhibition is to stimulate the development of creativity and innovations and to promote the exchange of ideas and sharing of original experiences.