A lille DSC09130 kopier.jpg

Little Miss Sunshine

89 x 43 x 27 cm


Fra højre side.jpg


65 x 37 x 14 cm.


DSC01697 kopier.jpg

I'll Bring You the Fire

68 x 48 x 30 cm


A DSC01674 kopier.jpg

Democratic Conversation

Two sculptures/ one work

Height 46 cm


A DSC00490 kopier.jpg

The Man Who found Something he was Not Missing.

60 X 38 X 20 cm


A Soul bagfra kopier 2.jpg
Seeking Soul.jpg


Seeking Soul/Otsiv hing

Author’s technique / Autoritehnika

54× 44 × 26 cm

Special operation kopier.jpg

Monument for:


Includes mothers with children on the run.

Height 171 cm. Width 83 cm. Depth 41 cm


DSC00768 kopier.jpg

Feet Warm -Head Cold

92 X 69 x 6 cm

Material: Iron/wood


DSC00769 kopier.jpg
Iron Woman Hj. side.jpg

The Woman with the Iron Will

74 x 16 x 23 cm

Material: Iron with bronze 


Monument for The Rest

20 x 15 x 45 cm

FB Rest kopier.jpg
A 2 0riginaler samlet kopier 2.jpg

Stop, I'm getting off!

38 X 14 x 6 cm

Material: Iron with bronze 


A Red fish man.jpg

Just Looking

Hight 64 cm

Author technic

A Red fish man siden.jpg
Dreams needs Wings Højre kopier.jpg
Dreams needs Wings Venstre.jpg

Dreams Needs Wings

H 69. W 43. D 47 cm.

Author technic


Forfra DSC06779 kopier.jpg

Flying Mind

75 X 60 X 50 cm

Author technic

A  DSC06434 kopier.jpg
A Siden kopier 2.jpg
  A   DSC06391 kopier.jpg

Stars have Sharp Edges

Hight 104 cm

Deep 80 cm

wide 29 cm

Author’s technique / Autoritehnika

A Hvid Big step kopier.jpg

The Big Step

High 26 cm. Length 39 cm. Wide 10 cm.


Kivi 1 kopier.jpg

XO Oil Shale

XO Kiviõli

32 × 53 × 36 cm

Brass and oil stone / Messing ja põlevkivi



Three sculptures. Winning entry of the artwork competition for the Tallinn University of Technology Virumaa College Oil Shale Competence Center, Estonia.

Gift of Music / Little Heino

Muusika and / Väike Heino

Brass and corten steel 

Messing ja corten teras

165 × 82 × 66 cm


Winning entry of the artwork competition for the Heino Eller Tartu Music College, Estonia. Opened on 26 August 2019.

A infinity and beyond.jpg


Infinity and Beyond

Author’s technique / Autoritehnika

45× 36 × 6 cm

A Front mainDSC05692.jpg
A Alle3.jpg


Calm, Cool, and Collected

Rahulik, külma kõhuga ja tasakaalukas

Author’s technique / Autoritehnika

56× 26 × 23 cm

Bi DSC05663 kopier.jpg
BiDSC05660 kopier.jpg



Author’s technique / Autoritehnika

58 x 30 x 26 cm.

The head can rotate 360 degrees

Welcome home 2.jpg


Comming Home


Author’s technique / Autoritehnika

33 × 20 × 18 cm

Cat 2,DSC05582.jpg
Cat DSC05585.jpg


The Portuguese Cat

Portugali kass

Author’s technique / Autoritehnika

26 × 13 × 20 cm

A Wedding. 4  kopi.jpg




Bronze / Pronks 

34 × 9 × 13 

Dame Venstre side NYYYY.jpg
Dame højre side NYYY kopi.jpg


Meet Me on the Moon

Tutvuge minuga Kuul

Author’s technique / Autoritehnika

60 ×13,5 × 37 cm

Radio mand skitse til bog kopi.jpg
Radiomand fra v side.jpg


Tomorrow Man

Height 78 cm  Width 65cm  Depth  24 cm

Author technic

A The moment I realized.jpg


The Moment I Realized

Height 56 cm  Width 17cm  Depth  33 cm

Author technic

A. Siden.jpg
The Moment 2.jpg


The Moment I also Realized

Height 38 cm  

Author technic

Alle 3.jpg


The Moment I also Realized

Height 38 cm  

Author technic

Rød mand DSC05356 kopier.jpg


The Moment I also Realized

Height 38 cm  

Author technic

Gul fra sidenDSC05353.jpg


The Moment I also Realized

Height 38 cm  

Author technic

A Talking head HD.jpg


Talking Head

Hight 70 cm. Wide 33 cm. Dept 31 cm

Author technic

A Oval mand siden.jpg


“Are You Talking to Me?”

Hight 100cm

Author technic

A Oval mand bag fra.jpg
Dame i Fur bagside.jpg


Woman in fur

High 100cm  Wide  37 cm Deep 28 cm

Autor technic

A DSC04512.jpg


Through Unknown Land

L 64 cm H 43 cm W 41 cm

Author technic

A Sun Woman.jpg

Miss Understood

Hight 270 cm

Author technic


New  in Ubjects

Wondering Wonderboy

Hight 54 cm

Author material


Monument for the Big Man who Ordered Someone to do Something

Hight 98 cm Deep 60 cm Wide 50 cm

Author technic

Rytter statue 2.jpg
Rytter statue 4.jpg
Rytter statue 1.jpg
A. Band 27 samlet front stribe.jpg

Cut the Crap is a Heavenly band consisting exclusively of members of the "27 Club”

Right now it exist of 8 members.


A Band 7 and 8.jpg

7th and 8 member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Height 720 mm Wide 320 mm Dept 340 mm
Author technic.

A Cut the Crap front.jpg

1th member of the band: Cut the Crap

Hight 650 mm Wide 270 mm Dept 410 mm
Author technic.

A Cut the crap siden.jpg
A 2 Band front.jpg

2th member of the band: Cut the Crap

Hight 470 mm Wide 480 mm Dept 340 mm
Author technic.

A Band 2 fra siden.jpg

3th member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Hight 570 mm Wide 320 mm Dept 340 mm
Author technic.

A 4 front.jpg

4th member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Height 440 mm Wide 400 mm Dept 280 mm
Author technic.

4 siden.jpg
A Fra siden janis 5.jpg
A 5. Janis front.jpg

5th member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Height 560 mm Wide 600 mm Dept 270 mm
Author technic.

A Band 6 front .jpg

6 th member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Height 560 mm Wide 600 mm Dept 270 mm
Author technic.

A 6 Band side.jpg
A The man that turned out to be Jazz.jpg


The Man that turned out to be Jazz

Mees, kes osutus Jazziks

Hight 46 cm

Author technic

AGetting some Air.jpg

Getting some Air

Author technic 

Hight 65 cm Length 70 cm

A Vestenvind diagonal HDR.jpg


Together in the West Wind

Hight 100 cm Wide134 cm Dept 33 cm

Author technic

A Vestenvind siden HDR kopi.jpg
A The Cow from side.jpg
Cow alle fra begge sider.jpg

"When the Theory of Evolution was taken over by the Theory of Revolution, things got Momentum.”

Hight around 30 cm each 



The New Normal

Hight 135 cm

Mixed materials

A bagpsd.jpg
A Fly Heli 2.jpg

My Wife is Helicopter

Hight 53 cm

Author material

I am His Wife 

Hight 50 cm

Author material

A Front.jpg
A Bag.jpg

Mr.and Mrs. Average


Hight 460 mm

Author materials


New bust to the story of the Gray family:

Mr. and Mrs. Gray’s bird.

They have had it all the way from egg.
They can’t talk to it, but they like to sit and look at it.
Birds have an eye on each side of the head.
So when you look at it, it has to turn its head and only use one eye to focus.
Meanwhile, the other eye is restsing.
It does matter to Mr. and Mrs. Gray, that the bird still want to focus, after all this years!

Hight 470 mm

4 nye fugle.jpg

When Eggs get Wings

Height from 47 cm to 62 cm

Author technic

A DSC01887.jpg

The man who spoke like a saxophone.

No one understood what he was saying.

On the other hand,  in his company people began to dance quite quickly!

Hight Deep 53 cm Hight 56 cm

Wide 26,5 cm

Autor technic

A Radar.jpg

Radar Love

Hight 60 cm

Author technic

A Radar front.jpg
A Radar Top.jpg
FB 2 sammen.jpg


The Breakthrough

Depth 72 cm. Hight 125 cm. Wide 35 cm.

Author technic

A Straight siden.jpeg
A Horse siden front.jpeg

"If you decide to sit on horseback through life,

it is important you select the right horse!”

Length 95 cm.  Hight  94 cm.  Wide 38 cm.

Author technic

When the trunk is getting too long

Hight 38 cm

Elefant blank frit.DSC01556 kopier.jpg
Elefant uden fod.jpg

Pushing The Sky

Mixed materials

Hight 255 cm

When ALL is DAD and GUN

100 cm high. 95 cm long. 47 cm wide.

Mixed materials with running wate

When ALL Is DAD and GUN

Mixed materials with running water / Erinevad materjalid ja voolav vesi

100 × 47 × 95 cm

4 samlet sort Grand Opening.jpg
A Grand Opening III Vol 2 side.jpg

Grand Opening I, II and III

Grand Opening I (Black) 131 cm
Grand Opening II (Red) 140 cm
Grand Opening III (Green) 128 cm

Each sculpture is 28 X 28 cm in the ground

Mixed materials



New  in Gallery Objects

Machine of Return

Mixed Materials 

H 44 cm W 52 cm D 20 cm 



New  in Gallery Objects

Machine of No Return

Mixed Materials 

H 50 cm W 45 cm D 15,5 cm


The 3 Wise Men

Each pice: 70 X 100 X 5 cm + Mixed materials


210cm high 105 cm wide 120 cm deep

Mixed materials

Welcome To The New World -Feel At Home

Hight 200 cm



Playtime 1, 2 and 3

Each 360 X 360 X1770mm

Mixed materials



Before The Meltdown

Oil on plywood

50 X 50 X 10 cm



Monument For The Liars Of Our Time

Mixed materials on wood  

Hight 270 cm Wingspan 155 cm

“Should I Sit, Or Should I Stand”

Size: Normal chair size.



10 Years in Cosmos

50X150 cm

(3 paintings 50X50 cm)

Mixed materials



The Late Early Bird

Mixed materials.

Size: Wingspan 65 cm Hight 54 cm

Mr. Brainwash

Hight 220 cm

Mixed materials. With running water.

Luthers Ear -Just Before The Reformation

Hight 68 cm. Mixed materials

Mr. A. Dults last night on Earth. 


This shows the moment, when Mr. A. Dult, 

says farewell to his wife B. Dult, and his two twins C. Dult and E. Dult, respectively 8 years and 8 years old girls. He also left his son, but he would not tell us his name. 


Mr. A. Dult wanted to go out and find all that he think there is waiting for him in the world…

- very far away. 


Have a good trip Mr. A. Dult! 



Mr. A. Dulti viimane öö Maal.


See on hetk kui Mr. A. Dult ütleb hüvasti oma naisele ja nende kaksikutest kaheksa aastastele tütardele B. Dultile ja E. Dultile.

Ta jätab hüvasti ka oma pojaga aga ta ei ütle meile tema nime.


Mr. A. Dult tahab minna ära ja leida üles kõik selle, mis ta arvab, et on teda maailmas ootamas - väga väga kaugel.


Head reisi Mr. A. Dult!

Migratory Bird.

Mixed materials H 75 cm W 25 cm D 68 cm

Double Digger

62 cm high, 86 cm wide, 50 cm deep Mixed materials

The Little Book About Everything 

H 58 cm  L 65 cm  D 22 cm

The Big Book About Nothing 

H 105 cm   L 90 cm   D 42 cm




The Morning Worm Is The Best Worm Of The Day!

Mixed materials. l. 90 cm W. 50 cm. H. 58 cm

Bird In The Machine

Mixed materials 107 X 153 X 20 cm



The No String Violin

Object in different materials

Hight 110 cm Width 45 cm




Names from the past.

Each name represents a life.

Names disappear.

Deleted and new added into the same space.

Mixed materials

3 X 11 watt 100 X 70 X 10 cm



When the trunk is getting too long

Object in different materials Hight 200 cm

The Leader
Object in different materials.
Hight 140 cm
Wingspan 120 cm



Important Men Always End Up As Green

Object in different materials Hight 196 cm

Reincarnation Of A Mouse Who Behaved

Perfectly In His First Life. 

Hight 120 cm


12 similar ways to be individual 


This series of images is working with reflections of color/hided color, shading and colors in the shadings.

Each element measures 40 X 60, 14 cm deep.     

Dråben original kopier.jpg


Mixed Materials H 52 cm Ø 45 cm 


The Meeting

Mixed materials

H 108 cm  

W 32 cm  D 38 cm

As you probably remember, Mr. A. Dult said goodbye long ago, and went far away.

Now Mr. A. Dult has met his nephew,

Mr. O. Kult out there- far away.

They had not seen each other for 28 years, so now they are playing the orange together.


Bronce, oak and orange.

Height 240 mm

DSC05738 kopier.jpg

The Invisible Man Is Almost Back

Object in different materials Hight 85 cm

Fritsk Jaaaaaee kopier.jpg
DSC01207 kopier.jpg



Jäääär/Ice Edge

125 X125 cm

Mixed materials



Right In The Middle Of The Face

560 X 400 mm

Mixed materials