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Siden ny.jpg

The Brightest One

99X43X53 cm

With light


The Sunshine Family


A SidewalkDSC02012 kopier.jpg

The Sideways Walker

26x24x30 cm


2 siden DSC01832  kopier.jpg

The Eternal Attempt to

Gather Yourself for a New Day.

52 x 23 x 20 cm


The Clash between Right and Wrong

"Right" and "Wrong" always follow each other for some legal reason. They are always up for a fight. Many years ago, I thought that "Right" would one day win. Is that common sense? I don't think so anymore. But it's good that "Right" still wants to fight!

The two sculptures come together as one work, but can be seen in many situations. Therefore, I show several angles of the story here.

Size of each, upright: 57x12x44 cm


Red Bird 1927.jpg


The ninth member of The Sunshine Family.

Hight 92 cm


Looking In To It 2.jpg

Looking In to It

80x13x8 cm


3+1 Sisters samlet kopier.jpg

The Four Sunshine Sisters

A part of the Sunshine Family

Hight each: 31 cm.


Sisters kopier.jpg


Big sister 126 x 51 x 53 cm

Small sister 89 x 43 x 27 cm


DSC01971 kopier 2.jpg


20,5x19,5x5 cm


DSC01697 kopier.jpg

I'll Bring You the Fire

68 x 48 x 30 cm


A DSC01674 kopier.jpg

Democratic Conversation

Two sculptures/ one work

Height 46 cm


Special operation kopier.jpg

Monument for:


Includes mothers with children on the run.

Height 171 cm. Width 83 cm. Depth 41 cm


DSC00768 kopier.jpg

Feet Warm -Head Cold

92 X 69 x 6 cm

Material: Iron/wood


DSC00769 kopier.jpg
A 2 0riginaler samlet kopier 2.jpg

Stop, I'm getting off!

38 X 14 x 6 cm

Material: Iron with bronze 


A Red fish man.jpg

Just Looking

Hight 64 cm

Author technic

A Red fish man siden.jpg

Smile no. II

65 x 37 x 14 cm.


Fra højre side.jpg


65 x 37 x 14 cm.


A Hvid Big step kopier.jpg

The Big Step

High 26 cm. Length 39 cm. Wide 10 cm.


Monument for The Rest

20 x 15 x 45 cm

FB Rest kopier.jpg
A Vestenvind diagonal HDR.jpg


Together in the West Wind

Hight 100 cm Wide134 cm Dept 33 cm

Author technic

A Vestenvind siden HDR kopi.jpg
AGetting some Air.jpg

Getting some Air

Author technic 

Hight 65 cm Length 70 cm

A Front.jpg
A Bag.jpg

Mr.and Mrs. Average


Hight 460 mm

Author materials

A Straight siden.jpeg
A Horse siden front.jpeg

"If you decide to sit on horseback through life,

it is important you select the right horse!”

Length 95 cm.  Hight  94 cm.  Wide 38 cm.

Author technic

Reincarnation Of A Mouse Who Behaved

Perfectly In His First Life. 

Hight 120 cm



The Late Early Bird

Mixed materials.

Size: Wingspan 65 cm Hight 54 cm




Names from the past.

Each name represents a life.

Names disappear.

Deleted and new added into the same space.

Mixed materials

3 X 11 watt 100 X 70 X 10 cm

Migratory Bird.

Mixed materials H 75 cm W 25 cm D 68 cm

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