New  in Gallery Objects

Miss Understood

Hight 270 cm

Author technic

Member of:

Danish Sculptors Society (DBS)

Estonian Sculptors Union, Eesti Kujurite Ühendus
Estonian Artists' Association (EAA)

Tartu Artists Association


New  in Gallery Objects

“Are You Talking to Me?”

Hight 100cm

Author technic


New  in Gallery Objects

Woman in fur

High 100cm  Wide  37 cm Deep 28 cm


New  in Gallery Objects

Through Unknown Land

L 64 cm H 43 cm W 41 cm

Author technic


Estonian Sculpture Union's annual exhibition -National Library in Tallinn.

Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu 6. korruse näitusesaal

October 7 - October 27, 2020

Per William Petersen:


Going to the History


The Little Book About Everything 
H 58 cm L 65 cm D 22 cm

The Big Book About Nothing 
H 105 cm L 90 cm D 42 cm


Catalog from Estonia Art Union

Spring exhibition 2020 in Art Hall in Tallinn until 12.07.2020

“Cut the Crap” 

Cut the Crap is a Heavenly band consisting exclusively of members of the "27 Club”

New  in Gallery Objects

Grand Opening III . Vol 2 

128 cm high

Author technic


New  in Gallery Objects

"If you decide to sit on horseback through life,

it is important you select the right horse!”

Length 95 cm.  Hight  94. Wide 3. Author technic


New  in Gallery Objects

Machine of Return

Mixed Materials 

H 44 cm W 52 cm D 20 cm 


New  in Gallery Objects

Machine of No Return

Mixed Materials 

H 50 cm W 45 cm D 15,5 cm


“Cut the Crap” on 20. Spring Exhibition in Art Hall in Tallinn until 12.07.2020

Cut the Crap is a Heavenly band consisting exclusively of members of the "27 Club”

New  in Gallery Objects

Even the heaviest curtain can be rolled up

Author technic 

69 X 94 X 10,5cm

Author technic.

New  in Gallery Objects

Getting some Air

Author technic 

Hight 65 cm Length 70 cm

Cut the Crap is a Heavenly band consisting exclusively of members of the "27 Club”

Right now it exist of 8 members.



Proposal for prize statuette

for the Music Award

Brass. Height 34 cm

New  in Gallery Objects

7th and 8 member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Cut the Crap is a Heavenly band consisting exclusively of members of the "27 Club”
Height 720 mm Wide 320 mm Dept 340 mm
Author technic.

New  in Gallery Objects

5th member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Cut the Crap is a Heavenly band consisting exclusively of members of the "27 Club”
Height 560 mm Wide 600 mm Dept 270 mm
Author technic.

New  in Gallery Objects

6 th member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Cut the Crap is a Heavenly band consisting exclusively of members of the "27 Club”
Height 560 mm Wide 600 mm Dept 270 mm
Author technic.

New  in Gallery Objects

Fourth member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Height 440 mm Wide 400 mm Dept 280 mm
Author technic.

New  in Gallery Objects

Third Member of the Band: Cut the Crap

Hight 570 mm Wide 320 mm Dept 340 mm
Author technic.

Here Ulrich Thomsen stands with a piece of cake,

in front of the work "Happily Ever After."

(More in Gallery Upjects)

And remember to watch his new great movie Gutterbee.

Eesti Energia has used one of my 3 sculptures “Kiviõli” (Oilstone) for the cover of their 2018 annual report.

2014- 1th Prize.. Competition for commissioning work of art to Tallinn University Technology Virumaa College Oil Shale Competence Center. (Tallinn University od Technology)

New  in Gallery Objects

The second member of the band:

Cut the Crap

Hight 470 mm Wide 480 mm Dept 340 mm
Author technic.

New  in Gallery Objects

Serious Glass Dependent.

The founder of the band: Cut the Crap

Hight 650 mm Wide 270 mm Dept 410 mm
Author technic.

New  in Gallery Upjects

"The noble art of kicking hole in the sky"

Oil on plywood 1550 X 1150 mm

"The noble art of kicking hole in the sky"

Is seen in the estonian spy film Traitor from 2019/2020​

Trailor from Traitor here.

In the trailer the painting exposes after 0.36 minute

"The noble art of kicking hole in the sky"

Was used today 2. December 2019, as a backdrop in a TV program about a mayor's overuse, corruption and nepotism. 1,2 hours on estonian TV2.

New  in Gallery Objects

"When the Theory of Evolution was taken over by the Theory of Revolution, things got Momentum.”

Hight 30 cm each 

1st prize in the The Estonian Commissioning of Artworks  competition for Heino Eller Music School in Tartu.


The sculpture “Gift to the Music / Muusika and” was unveiled at a festive occasion at the school on August 26, 2019. 

The sculpture is made of brass and corten steel.


A little movie about the reveal here:

New  in Gallery Objects

Monument for the Big Man who Ordered Someone to do Something

Hight 98 cm Deep 60 cm Wide 50 cm

Author technic

Head and Tail

Starting on Tuesday, 4 June at 18:00, a new sculpture exhibition will open at the Haus Gallery – Per William Petersen’s Head and Tail – in which both bronze and wooden carved cheerful characters embody existential ideas. Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard, the Danish Ambassador to Estonia, will also be taking part in the opening of the exhibition by an artist who is from Denmark and lives in Estonia.

Life is flashing by – like the images we see from the window of a moving train. Some images will be lost forever. Others we grab onto and remember forever, until they are engraved in our memory. Head and Tail is an exhibition that is trying to catch some of these fleeting ‘images’ of life, to capture the stories before they fade forever.

To remember the faces of people with whom our paths in life have crossed and met again. To find the head and the tail that we have obtained from the experiences in this journey that is life. Heads and Tails was created at a time when time itself let it be born. Things happened right after life was put on hold. After the pause was over, life continued more fiercely than ever before and the exhibition in hand was born, with all the works having been created especially for this exhibition, none of which have ever been displayed before.

Per William Petersen moved from Denmark to Tartu 13 years ago and continued his life in Estonia as a freelance artist. He has always worked as a creator – a silversmith and a graphic designer – and previously studied at the Danish Design School, in Copenhagen. Per is constantly active in expressing the world in different ways. This means he has had to create new techniques and search for new materials to use in his works.

Nothing in his workflow is static – one door opens the next one!

Per’s themes often evolve around relationships between people. Human beings are like a secret. Curiosity and wonder, to find the head and the tail to all of what is happening in the world, both globally and locally. This is Per’s joy and passion. One of his strengths is his sense of humour. Mixing humour with the truth makes it a very powerful tool.

‘Art is not a spectator sport. Spectators are invited when the game is over’, says Per. You are invited to the exhibition, to see the result of the game!


The exhibition will remain open at Haus Gallery until 29 June 2019.

Head and Tail exhibition opening in Haus gallery 4. juni 2019.
The exhibition was opened by The Danish Ambassador in Estonia Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard

The Head is Not the Tail


Per William Petersen’s exhibition „Head and Tail“ is open at Haus Gallery until 26 June 2019.

The Danish-Estonian artist Per William Petersen (1955) gave his first exhibition, “Golden Moments”, in Vanemuine theatre in the same year that he moved to his new home land. He has been singing his own tune in Estonia all these years as a very fertile freelance creator and an active exhibition author. He is a member of both the Tartu Artists’ Union and the Estonian Artists’ Association, also the Estonian Sculptors’ Union. He is the only known Danish artist in Estonia, whereas the number of Estonian artists in Denmark is somewhat larger (Külli Suitso, Silja Salmistu-Støvring, and others).

Petersen’s this year’s exhibitions, „Humor Is Serious Talk“ and „Truth Is Acidic“, displayed in the library of the University of Tartu within the Prima Vista 2019 festival had not yet finished when the author already launched a new exhibition with a brand new set of works at Haus Gallery in Tallinn. Petersen’s versatile creative history includes short films and videos, whether about his creative process, the river Emajõgi – a meaningful link to Denmark, several „accidental“ documentary clips, but this time Haus Gallery initiated a portrait film about the artist himself. The author, Nando Grancell, is planning to show it next year at the Danish Nyheder documentaries festival ( The artist, having lived in Estonia for 13 years, keeps contact with Denmark also through the embassy, thus it was natural for the Danish Ambassador Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard to also attend the opening at Haus Gallery.

Petersen’s life and artistic credo almost sounds like oriental wisdom: „Make your own life, come as close to your life as possible, create the kind of life you want, work for it, be ready to change your life, even drastically. You are born to be someone and it is impossible to escape it; it will happen to you, so make the best of it.“

The title of the exhibition, „Head and Tail“ (Hoved og hale in Danish), refers to the Danish saying used when necessary to make sense of confusing matters or to understand where the head and the tail of the matter is. Petersen’s titles always tend to be polysemic and involve word play.  In an attempt to identify the head and tail of the Haus exhibition one might think that the tail would be the water-exuding revolver-shaped sculpture „When ALL is DAD and GUN“. The artist turns the apocalyptic saying „when all is dead and gone“ into an ironic retort against ever-growing aggression in the world. The similar-sounding title „When All is Dad and Gone“ is absurd per se, although the threat of a dominating father figure is definitely perceivable. At the exhibition it creates a necessary artistic tension with the joie de vivre radiating from the rest of the works.

Even in the medium of Per William Petersen’s works it is not always easy to locate heads and tails. If in 2006 Per claimed that painting is his life and that to paint means to tell stories, he went on to reveal various reasons to why his paintings evolved into sculptures. One rationale was to step out of the shadow of his painter father. On the other hand he at one point began to see sculptures in his paintings. At the same time we can say that the paintings have remained as well, but can now be seen in three dimensions simultaneously. So the viewer has the opportunity to still see paintings – in his sculptures. In his own words: „These 3D objects are simply paintings that have jumped off the canvas“ (2012). In 2019 he already draws a line between „UPjects“ that can be hanged on the wall, and sculptures.

Characters wanting to emerge from paintings and become objects can also be perceived or even materialised in the works of other artists, but the sculptor-painter (or object artist – painter) symbiosis is a rather rare mix in art history. The means of expression of these two media are probably different and contrary enough to make the outcome either this or that. The objects and paintscapes of Kaarel Kurismaa are a good example of the thorough detachment of these two media.

I wouldn’t compare Petersen’s handwriting to the history of constructivism or to the complicated outlets of this trend in modern times, or with the so-called Swiss art standard. I wouldn’t compare his revolver piece with, e.g., Claes Oldenburg’s fire arms collection, where whatever elements (a tap, a painting glove, iron tool fragments, all kinds of plastic and wooden bits, even shadows on the wall or puddles on the ground) remind the shape of a revolver, i.e. a collection that presents – in the footprints of Andy Warhol – the image of the gun as a truly American icon.


Per’s previously foreign-looking, sincerely and openly designer-like form conception is increasingly losing its special position and merging with the trend that seems to be historically reserved for Tartu – an applied designer form – because other art forms in Tartu have gradually closed on themselves or been made to close.

By way of counterbalance, Per’s wife Sirje Protsin-Petersen’s role as one of the very few contemporary painters in Tartu – is to maintain the expressionist note.  For the unhurried pace and safe environment of Tartu, expression as such has, truth be told, always seemed alien. It is true that even the Pallas school was rather a servant to hedonism. World-pain does not seem to reach the university town on an emotional level. Only through the plane of the sober mind and from a safe distance. Per solves this deep-rooted, slightly ethical dissonance in his own way: “If you mix humour with truth, it becomes a very powerful tool.” 

Kaire Nurk

Art historian/artist

New  in Gallery Objects

Just Looking

Hight 64 cm

Author technic

New  in Gallery Objects

When Eggs get Wings

Height from 47 cm to 62 cm

Author technic

Spring Exhibition Tallinn Art Hall, Opening 2019

Represented with Grand Opening I and II



Funny as it may sound, the sculptures of the Tartu-residing Dane Per William Petersen stood out already before the artist started producing the three-dimensional creations he is known for today. Yes, before. Because his paintings were extremely dimensional already at the second half of the previous decade and at the beginning of this one, when it was customary to be confined to a simple two-dimensional picture surface. Everything seemed to be going perfectly, but Per felt he had to do something else because he didn’t want to be just a painter like his father. This feeling had been obvious before, but the wish to take a different path became stronger and stronger, evoking the emergence of the author’s education and earlier experience. As it is, he once studied to be a silversmith and a graphic designer, and therefore can till today see things in their multidimensionality and bring them to life with his own hands just as dictated by his mind’s eye.


I cannot help mentioning that this symbiosis of imagination and handyman was the one thing that my father Ilmar Malin missed especially in the last decades of this life. That he was unable to transfer his mainly drawn ideas into three dimensions. His objects – rams, catapults, etc. – should in fact have been spatial. This is what he said. In addition to my father’s lack of technical skills the realization of these wishes was also hampered by Soviet-time poverty: at least in Tartu there was a scarcity of plywood, of various kinds of screws and nails, and probably of much else as well. With a huge effort it might have been achieved, but so it went…


It makes me glad to see that PWP is and has been playing around with visual SCULPTURES, but sometimes this is accompanied by a fascinating set of conceptual and linguistic games driven to the absurd. The latter ones I would call a byproduct, but one cannot ignore that they help keep us noticing things in a more free(minded) manner. Because things are often different simply when you change the perspective. I admit that an exhibition held within the Prima Vista literature festival certainly has to be concept- and language-centred, more than average.  And this 85-piece row of drawings surely is. But let us not forget that sculpture is the main thing!


I’ll quickly skip back to November 2013. I then invited Per William and his wife Sirje Petersen to participate in the festival Crazy Tartu. They came with their works and my heart sang when I saw them. The entire art part in the former church of the University of Tartu was very strong (in addition to Sirje and Per also Laurentsius, Brian Sibola Hansen, Kristiina Kaasik and Tiiu Pallo-Varik). Sirje was explicitly a painter, Per let shine his strong points: sculpturalism-monumentalism, bright colours (his designer education!) and nicely quirky ideas.


This exhibition (with a clear-cut duality: sculptures and drawings) is like a perfect meal – you have a taste and develop a ravenous appetite, but… that is all there is! So – come again next time. Hopefully next time the viewer gets to see an exhibition that can muffle also the rumbles of the hungry stomach. I’d be interested to see what comments would come to the different architectural landmarks of Tartu. Probably similar to the present book-shapes “The Big Book About Nothing” and “The Small Book About Everything”, which at first glance resembled the tip of the Tigutorn tower. What inspiration might come from the main building of the university, or the Town Hall. Any final lists here would be pointless, because Per is enough of a resident and yet enough of an outsider to be able to notice the unexpected and the characteristic in our surroundings.


Finally, there is another aspect of Per’s creation represented in the university library. He has made several (short) films, most of which reflect the same healthy, dislocated and smirky-ironic worldview already pointed at. All films also have a perspective-related or even literary punch line familiar from his other creation. I admit that it was very convenient to watch the films on the big screen at the exhibition, but I didn’t see enough and later also visited the site An ad company able to apply Per’s ideas should thank their lucky stars – all that he offers, being an artist with a designer background, is so clear(coloured), eye-catching and with a friendly twist.

Jaan Malin

Writer and artist

"Pushing The Sky" and "The Morning Worm Is The Best Worm Of The Day" on:

Estonian Sculptors Union „Garden of Intersecting Roads” Tallinna Botanic Garden 01.06-31.08

New  in Gallery Upjects

The bird has flown

115 cm X 80 cm

Author technic

New  in Gallery Upjects

Good friends don't need a tree

115 cm X 80 cm

Author technic

New  in Gallery Objects

The Cow who just Wanted herself a Nose Ring.

H 260 mm W 185 mm D 350 mm

Author technic

New  in Gallery Objects

Radar Love

Hight 60 cm

Author technic

New  in Gallery Objects

My Wife is Helicopter

Hight 53 cm

Author technic

I am His Wife 

Hight 50 cm

Author technic

New  in Gallery Objects

The man who spoke like a saxophone.

No one understood what he was saying.

On the other hand,  in his company people began to dance quite quickly!

Hight Deep 53 cm Hight 56 cm

Wide 26,5 cm

Autor technic

New  in Gallery Upjects

General Galosche

80X135 cm

Autor Materials

General Galosche was not a very smiling man. 

That day he did not get the otherwise long

awaited medal, he was much longer away from

the smile. 

Of cause it didn’t help that his horse got

the medal in front of him.

New  in Gallery Objects

Did you say Something?


74 cm high



I don´t Remember.


74 cm high


New  in Gallery Upjects

A Summer Wind

85X106 cm

Autor materials

New  in Gallery Upjects

Intergalactic "Hi There"

85X106 cm

Autor materials

New  in Gallery Upjects

So you Claim that You Can Fly?

95X105 cm

Autor technic

New  in Gallery Upjects

Meet the Suckers

200X75 cm

Autor technic

ARSi Film Festival 2019 has selected two of my films to participate in the festival:


But when do they fire it?


Reklamipaus- Call an Artist

As you all remember, Mr. A.Dult left his family on September the 17th 2015. 

He traveled Far Away to find the nearby. Only silence has been heard.

Since then -no one has heard from him.
But now suddenly a postcard pops up - added to the twins, C. Dult and E. Dult, respectively now, 12 years and 12 years old girls.

No text - only the cover image!
The image has started speculations.
The attentive follower of Mr. A. Dult, will notice - he has now got a Golden visor on the helmet since he left.

The riddle grows and time goes by.


Mr. A. Dult is made of bronze and gold leaf. He is 22 cm high.

You will see more about him here in

Gallery Objects

New bust to the story of the Gray family:

Mr. and Mrs. Gray’s bird.

They have had it all the way from egg.
They can’t talk to it, but they like to sit and look at it.
Birds have an eye on each side of the head.
So when you look at it, it has to turn its head and only use one eye to focus.
Meanwhile, the other eye is restsing.
It does matter to Mr. and Mrs. Gray, that the bird still want to focus, after all this years!

Hight 470 mm

New  in Gallery Objects

Wondering Wonderboy

Hight 54 cm

Author material

New  in Gallery Upjects

Happily Ever After.

112X125X5cm cm

Author material

New sculptures in Gallery Objects:

Mr.and Mrs. Average

Hight 460 mm

Author materials

New sculptures in Gallery Objects:


New sculptures in Gallery Objects:

When the trunk is getting too long

Bronce on granite
Hight 38 cm

Tartu Annual exhibition 2018-19

"To Land An Airplane In An Elevator Shaft"

Mixed materials on wood 

122 X 245 X 5 cm

Gallery 1

1-th Prize 

Gift of Music. Art Competition to the Heino Elleri Tartu Music School. 

"Heavens Underground Festival  2018" 

Pärnu Printmaking Festival is held at all of Pärnu's exhibition spaces and city space: the Town Gallery, Artists House, Endla Theatre, Culture Club Tempel, Central Library, etc.


The programme includes performances, exhibitions and workshops.

I am represented with:

Pushing The Sky

And with

Welcome To The New World -Feel At Home

"The Road To Everywhere" on The 18th spring exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association in Tallinn Art Hall. May 19th to June 17th of 2018.

Mixed materials 9 pieces 45x45 cm

See more on page: Upjects

New in Gallery Upjects:

Silver Tongue 

Mixed materials

40x40 cm

New in Gallery Objects:

Ballet For Horns

Bronce -polished and patina + oak

Hight 26 cm

New in Gallery Objects:

Superman Is Departed. Ladybugman Is Arrived.

Bronce -polished and patina + oak

Hight 26 cm

New in Gallery Objects:

The Spirit

Mirror polished stainless steel and brass

Hight 130 cm

New in Gallery Objects:

Pushing The Sky

Mixed materials

Hight 255 cm

New in Gallery Objects:

When ALL is DAD and GUN

100 cm high. 95 cm long. 47 cm wide.

Mixed materials with running water

New in Gallery Upjects:

The Road To Everywhere

45X45 cm +

Mixed materials 

New in Gallery Objects:

The Art Of Killing Art

Hight 200 cm

As you probably remember, Mr. A. Dult said goodbye long ago, and went far away.

Now Mr. A. Dult has met his nephew, Mr. O. Kult out there- far away.

They had not seen each other for 28 years, so now they are playing the orange together.


Bronce, oak and orange.

Height 240 mm

More about Mr. A. Dult on page Objects

"Reincarnation Of A Mouse Who Behaved Perfectly In His First Life". 

And "When the trunk is getting too long" is on:

Eesti Kujurite Ühendus „Täna ma päästan nii palju kärbseid kui saan”/ 29.06. – 23.07.2017 / Tartu Kunatimaja

Playtime 1, 2 and 3 is on:

Pärnu Kunstisuvi 2017 näitus “3 AINUS”

03.06 – 22.07.2017 Pärnu Linnagalerii, Uus tn 4. 


“Evolution” is on:

Estonian Artist Union in Tallinn Art Hall, Spring Exhibition 2017

New in Objects:

Reincarnation Of A Mouse Who Behaved Perfectly In His First Life.” 

„Art Is That Time We Are Here”

Per William Petersen februarie 28, 2017 IlustrațiiNr. 16Revista de Traduceri Literare

A presentation of my Art from

Romanian Writers Association. ”Revista de traduceri literare” 

Should I sit..

or should I stand?

Film from exhibition "Time" 2017

Site Title

Personally exhibition: "TIME" in Gallery Noorus


„Art is that Time we are here”

Art is not a product. Like the air we breathe, is not a product.

Art is something that is already here, it simply needs to be displayed.

Art is that time we are here -right now.

Art is a way to freeze and study the “NOW”


During the time we are here, we often  dream of a better world.

But we do not always agree on how the world really looks.

We can agree on how a carrot looks, but how the world looks – there are many different views.

We use a lot of energy to figure out what the world really looks like.

News are withheld and manipulated.

Some have already made the choice for us, how we must perceive the world.

Words take on a new meaning. Some words are banned.

Positive words are changed to negative ones, and vice versa.

Actions are covered with words that sound better than the actions’ actual character.

Are we living in a dream world, not seeing what the world really looks like?

In the hope of the world being as we want it to be?

A dream that prevents them from acting to improve the world.

Only when dream and reality go hand in hand the dream of a better world comes true.

Per William Petersen 2017

Video on exhibition "Time":

Diversity of Monotony, or...


New in Gallery 2:


Right In The Middle Of The Face

560 X 400 mm

Mixed materials


New in Objects 2:


Playtime 1, 2 and 3

Each 360 X 360 X1770mm

Mixed materials


New in Gallery 2:


Before The Meltdown 1, 2 and 3

Each 50 X 50 X 10 cm

Oil on plywood


New in Gallery Objects 2:


The Late Early Bird

Mixed materials. Size: Wingspan 65 cm Hight 54 cm



New in Gallery Objects 2:


The Morning Worm Is The Best Worm Of The Day!

Mixed materials. l. 90 cm W. 50 cm. H. 58 cm


Estonian Artist Union Spring Exhibition 2016:


Monument For The Liars Of Our Time

Mixed materials on wood Hight 270 cm Wingspan 155 cm


KEVADNÄITUS EAA 16. Year Exhibition. Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia, 14.05–19.06. 2016


Opening of

Estonian Sculptors' Association Annual Exhibition "VESTRY" 2016

Võru Town Gallery I and II floor
Open until 26.August 2016


The Little Book About Everything 

H 58 cm  L 65 cm  D 22 cm

The Big Book About Nothing 

H 105 cm   L 90 cm   D 42 cm

New Gallery:

12 similar ways to be individual 




Tartu Making Tallinn 

Jakobi Gallery 30.05 – 17.06. 2016

Estonian Painters’ Association


Guided World Tour

Oil on canvas

110X153 cm


New in Gallery 2:


Don’t go To Circus -You Already Are There

3D painting acrylic on plywood

113,5 X 126,5 cm


New in Gallery 2:


The Clown has Got a New Job

3D painting acrylic on plywood

113,5 X 126,5 cm

10 Years in Cosmos

New in Gallery 2

50 cm X 150 mixed materials



JÕHVI KUNSTIKOOL 14.04.- 13.05.2016


New in Gallery 2

2 exhibitions in Rakvere Theater

08.02.16 - 01.04.16

Evolution on Crazy Tartu


1-th Prize "Kiviöli"

in art competition for State Real Estate Ltd and the Estonian Ministry of Culture Tallinn University



Year Exhibition  

Tallinna Art Hall, Estonia, 03.06–05.07. 2015

Dream World

World Dream

Now for Real

Migration Bird

In Objects 2

Personal exhibition 


Truth is elastic. 


Gallery Fuajee- Loomemajanduskeskus,                       Tartu 14.02.- 28.03.2011

Just Dance

In Objects 2

Annual Exhibitions of Estonian Artists Association

Catalouge 2010, 2012 and 2014



Year Exhibition Tallinna Art Hall, Estonia

Tartu Year Exhibition, Artisthouse 20.12.13-12.01.14

Tartu Kunstnike Aastalõpunäitus, Kunstimajas 20.12.13-12.01.14


Hullunud Tartu /Crazy Tartu



Tartu Annual Exhibition 2012


Personal exhibition. 

Museum Of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia 

8. October - 4. November 2012


Art exhibition of Per William Petersen


We are used to being promised “the Moon and the Stars”. We have also grown accustomed to the fact, that promises are rarely fulfilled. The lie has been accepted. It is so accepted that it is no longer embarrassing when it is revealed.


I promise an art exhibition which gives you the answer to ALL the questions you might have about life, and the opposite. As far as I know, this is the first time an exhibition answers so essential questions, such as:


“What’s the point, where are we going and what are we doing there, and who comes first, and why is it the one that comes last who has won?”

“Why do we choose politicians who have memory problems?”

“Why do we have children when it is far easier to have a canary?”

“Why should poor Estonians pay for the rich Greeks?”

“Why do Finnish people dance the tango?”

“Why have the Danes given up being Danish?”

“What time is it, and when?”

“Can religion be cured?”

“Is a triangle a circle that is not yet ripe?”


When you have visited this exhibition, I am sure you will agree with me that promises are rarely fulfilled! 

TRUTH - Is Acidic


What came first? The Chicken or The Lemon?


An exhibition of visual ideas. Some large and some small. Important and less important. About life, and the opposite. About what concerns us, and what we record. What we gather and what we forget.


The little things we no longer notice but which are nevertheless a part of our lives. Maybe all the little things make a big difference? We have common views, but do we see the same? And do we really need to see the same?


This exhibition will surely have as many “truths” as it has visitors, each with his or her own “truth”.


The exhibition is a collection of everyday thoughts amassed over the years by artist 

Per William Petersen.


There are now about 80 graphic works on display at 

E. Vilde Muuseum -Tallinn, Estonia


3rd Tartu International Graphic Festival 

Kunstiakadeemiate likvideerimine. 

21.01.- 12.02.2012

Man, woman and electricity.

XVIII international nude art show. 

The Museum Of New Art in Pärnu. 05.05.- 09.09.


Estonian Painters` Association exhibition. Tartu Art House. 18.08.- 11.09. 2011

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