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Member of:

Estonian Painters Association (EML)

Danish Sculptors Society (DBS)

Estonian Sculptors Union, Eesti Kujurite Ühendus
Estonian Artists' Association (EAA)

Tartu Artists Association

Sculpture Network

Bog foto Woman in FurP1140921 kopier.jpg
A omslag.jpg

320 pages in 3 languages:

English, Estonian and Danish

2 Orange Siden.jpg
3 Rød siden.jpg




Sizes around

30X20X30 cm

3 samlet kopier.jpg
DSC08796 MAIN kopier.jpg

The Always Adoring Tornado Woman

Sweeps the Ballroom

74 x 16 x 23 cm

Material: Iron with bronze+wood


Alle samlet kopier.jpg
A DSC08888 kopier.jpg

Sitting Ducks

Each: 15x8x14 cm


Meet Me On Mars

125x75x20 cm


"Meet Me on Mars" on exhibition:

Estonian Sculptors Union Annual Exhibition “Keerukuju/Complex shape".

Viimsi Aatrium, Tallinn Estonia . 10.08-10.09

Photo:Tiit Mõtus


AAAAA kopier.jpg

The Bee Born To Be-Bop-A-Lula

26x18x24 cm



Mother and Daughter in the Summer Breeze.

Art'In Lima 2023 - O Eterno Feminino | Museu dos Terceiros. Ponte de Lima. Portugal


Lille kopier.jpg

Meet Me on The Moon

On exhibition in Portugal. Still open: 2 July to 24 September 2023


132 Applications and 286 Works submitted to Art’In Lima 2023

The contemporary art exhibition Art'In Lima – O Eterno Feminino, promoted by the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, received 132 applications and 286 works by artists of various nationalities: Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland , France, England, Macedonia, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland, USA and Venezuela.

Come a Little Bit Closer

45x10,5x10,5 cm


Siden ny.jpg

The Brightest One

99X43X53 cm

With light


The Sunshine Family


Red Bird 1927.jpg


The ninth member of The Sunshine Family.

Hight 92 cm


A SidewalkDSC02012 kopier.jpg

The Sideways Walker

26x24x30 cm



The Game

115x130x30 cm


2 siden DSC01832  kopier.jpg

The Eternal Attempt to

Gather Yourself for a New Day.

52 x 23 x 20 cm


The Clash between Right and Wrong

"Right" and "Wrong" always follow each other for some legal reason. They are always up for a fight. Many years ago, I thought that "Right" would one day win. Is that common sense? I don't think so anymore. But it's good that "Right" still wants to fight!

The two sculptures come together as one work, but can be seen in many situations. Therefore, I show several angles of the story here.

Size of each, upright: 57x12x44 cm


DSC08331 kopier.jpg

The painting: "Waiting for the Horizon” on ESTONIAN PAINTERS ‘ASSOCIATION exhibition in Kadrioru Galery Tallinn. Curator: Tiiu Rebane. Exhibition is open to 29. April 2023.

DSC01971 kopier 2.jpg


20,5x19,5x5 cm


Looking In To It 2.jpg

Looking In to It

80x13x8 cm


3+1 Sisters samlet kopier.jpg

The Four Sunshine Sisters

A part of the Sunshine Family

Hight each: 31 cm.



Skating the Night Away

A part of the Sunshine Family

Hight each: 30 cm.



One of The Sunshine Family's members:

The Boy Who Ran Past Everything

H 120cm D 85cm W 43cm

Lisboa Cat

26 × 13 × 20 cm


DSC00270 kopier.jpg

One of The Sunshine Family's members:

The Tv Weather Girl

H 148cm D 34cm W 57cm

DSC00030 kopier.jpg

The Sunshine Family's new Vegan Pet Pig.

H 50cm L60cm W 36cm Weight 22,9 kg


Sisters kopier.jpg


Big sister 126 x 51 x 53 cm

Little Miss Sunshine 89 x 43 x 27 cm


The Sunshine Family's Play Bird

148 x 53 x 33 cm

2 fugle NEW.jpg

The Sunshine Family's Play Bird

148 x 53 x 33 cm

Little Miss Sunshine

89 x 43 x 27 cm


A lille DSC09130 kopier.jpg

Sculpture: "Special Operation"on: The 22nd Annual Exhibition of Estonian Artists’ Association, Spring Exhibition 2022

TALLINN ART HALL.20.06–14.08.2022

A DSC09118 kopier 2.jpg

Boundless Overjoyed

34x34x5,5 cm


DSC09929 kopier.jpg

Highest member of The Sunshine Family

Is it the father, who knows?

170 cm high


Lisboa Cat

26x13x20 cm


Tidsforskyd hvid to samlet.jpg

Time Displacement

32x14x19 cm.

One sculpture, but seen from two sides.


DSC02119 kopier.jpg
Happyness. Over there! 2.jpg
Waiting for the horizon skygge kopier.jpg

Waiting for the Horizon

Hight 252 Wide 146 Deep 12 cm


Details from:

Waiting for the Horizon


Happiness? Over there!

62x39x12,5 cm.


Fish Kiss kopier.jpg

Fish Kiss

110x70 cm


Lisboa Cat

26 × 13 × 20 cm


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